Layer cages for chickens

Layer cages are a form of intensive poultry farming for looking after chickens that are laying eggs for egg production. They are made from galvanised steel mesh and can be stacked one on top of another – single tier layer cages, double tier layer cages and even triple tier.

layer cages in chicken house in South Africa

layer cages

They are sold in a kit form and need to be assembled inside the chicken house. They consist of a a start unit that has a small water tank connected to nipple drinkers. Medicine can be added to the small tanks. They also have a trough in the front where food is placed for the poultry. Layer cages can be bought by a few suppliers in South Africa – but only a few poultry equipment suppliers will actually help you with the assembly and installation – while they are not too difficult to put together – they can present a challenge if you have never done it before. Layer cage for laying house or another name is a pullet cage – this is a cage for egg laying in intensive farming egg production of chicken eggs.

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  2. Manobi Inock says:

    Dear sir/madam

    I like to know about poultry house.

    I stay in South Africa Limpopo province, i like to know where i can find cage for layers? As i want to be a new farm i also like to know the price of cage? I’ll be happy if you can send me pictures that shows: Cage, and house that can fit layers.

    Keep this up we still need more infor from you. Thanks

  3. khata says:

    I stay in Lesotho, i would like to know more about layers and their price inlcuding cage prices

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